The Ups, The Downs and The State of Mind (or Losing It...) of Remodeling Your Home


We have all been through it, thought about doing it or know someone who has been through it.  And we have all heard the stories!  Taking on a remodeling project can – and probably will – try your patience.  Having a reputable contractor that you trust, understanding the process and more importantly, realizing the mental buzz storm you are about to endure, will help you not only survive the endeavor with your relationships, pets and sanity intact…you may actually enjoy it!

Buckle up and enjoy the ride

Remodeling your home whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, an addition or a complete home transformation, is a coordinated effort of a lot of people, products, municipal officials, selections and snow days.  Everyone handles it differently and some better than others but, undoubtedly, all of us will go through times of bliss and excitement followed by moments of uncertainty and anxiety.  There have been many studies done over the years to track the mental state of the typical homeowner through a construction process.  Understand this rollercoaster you are about to jump on – and you will sleep much better.

Trust Your Contractor

If you have done your due diligence in choosing a reputable contractor, and you understand the afore-mentioned “roller coaster”, then stand back and watch the pros work.  The measure of the contractor is not how flawlessly he/she can deliver your project (because whenever humans are involved flaw is inevitable) but how they react to promptly, efficiently and effectively manage the bumps in the road.  Believe me, a good contractor with years of experience, is no stranger to putting out fires and making what may seem like an anxious situation to the innocent bystander into a masterful resolution that often ends with a new idea or new angle that no one had thought of before the situation presented itself.  A good contractor will keep you well informed of what you can expect on a daily, weekly and overall project basis.  Good communication will help smooth out the ride.  Stuff happens so sit back and relax… you are in good hands!

Create your happy place

Be sure to maintain one room, one area that is renovation-free that amidst the hustle and bustle, you can escape to.  More than ever, take care of yourself during this remodeling time – try that new restaurant you have been hearing about, take that weekend get-away you have been talking about.  Give yourself a reason to take a break from the transformation process – it will help you keep your eyes on the end result and keep everything that is happening on a daily basis in perspective.

So when you finally coast into completion, and you are moving your furniture in or putting things away, if you have kept the process in perspective and had a great contractor to guide you, you will have a new part of your home that you will enjoy for years to come.   Sit back, relax, have a glass of wine and think of how exciting the process was…  the next thing you’ll realize is you’ll find yourself thinking of that next project, I promise!

Our Wesson Builders team has years of experience and we know the bumps in the road.  We believe the best way to avoid frustration is to properly plan and have a repeatable process.  We have instilled this preparation and expertise in each step of our process – not just construction.  The Design, Advice and Build steps are all critical to a successful project .  You can learn more at

Enjoy and Happy Renovating!

Your Wesson Builders Team                     


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